Former manager of Israel’s Ministry of Defense weighs in on Israel’s security amidst political turmoil

by Gavriel Dan

The political turmoil in Israel is more than just a lack of a government, according to the former manager of the Defense Ministry, Amos Yaron. It is putting serious strain on Israel’s military forces and security.

The most challenging part of having an increased political instability is a lack of a budget. “Out of all the branches in the State of Israel that needs funding, the most important is the Defense,” Yaron insists in the video.

“You can clearly see how uncertainty about the future results in bad decisions,” Yaron continues. “Not only is there no budget, but there is no government.”

The challenge is not immediate according to Yaron, but rather down the road. As this continues more and more decisions and funding will be pushed off. More than this, decisions of strategic significance cannot be made without a permanent government in place.

Ultimately, the security establishment knows what it needs. The Prime Minister and Defense Minister cut the decision time shorter.

“There is much that can be done, but overall we are in bad shape.”

Dr. Risch

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