On the top of the Golan Heights lies a mysterious archaeological site

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is filled with ancient history. That’s why almost everywhere you go, there is sure to be an archaeological site dating back thousands of years!

Mysterious Archaeological site

Sometimes, an archaeological site does not have all the answers. It hints to certain time periods or certain situations in the Bible, but archaeologists continue to search for more answers. The site in this video hints to giants that once lived in the land of Israel. It is fascinating. Think about the fact that we are referring to history from thousands of years ago – not just from a few decades ago!

Come to Israel and See

Israel is not only a beautiful place. It is not only a place of diversity and spirituality. And it is definitely not just a place with good food! Come see Israel because it is historic and ancient. The discoveries made in the Holy Land are unbelievable. They bring the Bible to life. They bring ancient history to life! It is really amazing how everything matches up. Every archaeological find is mind-blowing. It never gets old.

These archaeological finds happen throughout all of Israel. It is not just in Jerusalem. It is not just in the parts that some claim belong to Jews while other parts they claim do not. Judea and Samaria. The Golan Heights. You’ll find history and archaeology everywhere! If you don’t believe it, come to Israel and see for yourself!

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