“Hold On” – The music video that addresses a topic that must not be ignored

by Phil Schneider

It is so easy to ignore the difficult subjects of the world that exist. It is much easier to make believe that major problems do not exist in the world we live in. That is – for the people who the problems don’t apply to. But in today’s day and age, we know much more than in any other time period. We know that abuse of children is not an isolated problem of a few individuals. There are many people who’s lives have been negatively affected by older people with mental health issues that have not been resolved. It is a tragedy that gets passed down for generations. But that doesn’t need to be the case.

Get Help!

Just like any person with an addiction knows that in order to improve their situation, they need some sort of assistance, so too with the difficult situation of child abuse. The major difference between child abuse and other addictions is that the lives of young helpless loved ones are being destroyed. Amudim is an organization that was set up to give the support needed to those who have been affected by this matter. If people think that they can work out their problems on their own, that’s OK – if it works. But in most cases, they need professional help, and that’s the only way out.

There are things that require alot of time to work themselves out. But in this case, Amudim explains that the longer one waits, the deeper the scars. The situation wherein a parent is destroying the lives of their own loved ones is truly a tragedy. But the greatest tragedy is that it can be averted. Pick up the phone. Do what’s right. Call Amudim – 646-517-0222.

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