Heartwarming news story on Orthodox community raising almost $50k for detective killed in Jersey City

by Avi Abelow

There are no words for the kindness and generosity of this act by the Orthodox community. Jews do not only care about Jews; they care about all lives.

Orthodox Community and Kindness

After the Jersey City shooting, many people did not know how to respond. People were scared. No one wants to live their lives feeling unsafe. Although we cannot control situations, we CAN control how we respond.

And how the Jewish community responded is unbelievable. Before the murderers in the Jersey City shooting targeted the Kosher supermarket, they first killed Detective Joseph Seals in a cemetery nearby. Detective Seals was married with 5 children. Although he was not Jewish, the Jewish people still cared about his murder. Within 20 hours, LESS than a day, the Orthodox community raised nearly $50k for the family that Seals left behind. It is just beautiful and heartwarming to do something like that for a person that they did not even know. But in Judaism, life is sacred. ALL lives are valuable; not just Jewish lives.

Light to Take Away the Darkness

What the Jewish community did brought a little bit of light to help take away the darkness. We are living in frightening times where murderers and terrorists just walk into supermarkets and murder innocent people. We need to bring any amount of light we can to the world to counter the darkness. And raising money for Detective Joseph Seals family was definitely a way to bring some light.

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