PA President Mahmoud Abbas clarifies his views in TV interview

by Leah Rosenberg

What does PA President Mahmoud Abbas think about a Jewish state? Well, apparently some people were confused. So Abbas clarifies himself here.

President Mahmoud Abbas on Israel

Let’s see what President Mahmoud Abbas says about Israel. Is it anything different than what he has always said? Does he finally want peace? No. Abbas made it clear again that he will never recognize a Jewish state. He says outright and clearly that they will continue to reject the Jewish state of Israel. It sounds like Israel doesn’t have such a good peace partner

And the World Thinks Otherwise?

How is it that the world thinks Israel can make peace with the Arabs when their own leader Abbas makes it clear that they will not recognize a Jewish state? The PA President has not indicated that he wants peace. In fact, he has only done the opposite. He wants to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. He incites violence. He pays terrorists for killing innocent Jews. Those are definitely not steps in the direction of creating peace. And for some reason, the world is still confused. For some reason, the world is still blind to the truth. So again, Mahmoud Abbas makes it clear: He will not recognize a Jewish state. Ever.

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