The Rape of a Daughter, an Assault Against a Nation

by Zahava Englard Shapiro

The earth beneath us should be rumbling and roaring in unmitigated anger. Our leadership should be shouting with rage and taking decisive action. What came to light this week of a 7-year old Jewish girl in Israel, kidnapped and raped by an Arab from a neighboring village as his accomplices held her down while mocking and humiliating her, was not only an action of satanic proportion but a clear act of aggression against the Jewish people. This is rape jihad.

Rape is a weapon of war. Driven by their blind hatred for Jews, the Arab terrorists’ executed this sexual attack against this young child in order to sow terror in the Jewish State of Israel, as well as to defile and denigrate the honor of our nation.

Let there be no illusion, Israel is at war, weathering constant vigilance on our borders, suffering rocket attacks, arson throughout our land, and recently, toxic laden balloons in addition to the relentless terror attack from our enemies within. The strategic use of rape in war is not a new phenomenon. The attack on the 7-year old girl is completely distinguishable from criminal sexual assaults, and in particular, the pathological behavior of pedophilia.

Not only will this poor child, this daughter of Israel, suffer everlasting depths of trauma from being violently degraded and defiled, but the affront pierces deeper into the soul of our people. It was a direct assault against our nation- state.

But the earth beneath our country is neither rumbling or roaring with unmitigated anger. The terrorists will eventually stand trial, but the sentence will most certainly fall short.

Jacob (Israel) is silent as he is occupied with efforts to retain Esau’s (Europe’s) blessings and the vengeance of Shimon and Levi to defend their sister’s honor will not be carried out as it should be. We will all go on as the day before as if nothing happened, only to face again more depraved attacks against our people. One might reason in favor of the civilized nature of our court system to render a just sentence. However, to treat this attack with such tameness does not safeguard civilized society. In fact it tramples integrity and disgraces the ideals of a civilized nation.

Our enemies take note of our docile policies. Leaders of the free world likewise closely watch the seriousness or lack thereof, in which the Israeli government deals with the terrorists in our own backyard. With Israel being at the very most frontline in the war against global terror, on a very real level the west takes their cue from Israel. Thus far, what the western nations see is an absence of determination and resolve exhibited in Israel’s vacillation and hesitancy to carry out conclusive measures. For example, Israel’s leadership, by willfully choosing not to identify the Palestinian Authority as the enemy, enables the PA to continue its libel against Israel along with its incitement to wage war against her. This faulty policy further enables the western powers to insist on a two state solution, in effect supporting the establishment of a terrorist state on Israeli soil.

While the nations of the world will never fall into a love-fest with the Jewish people and the State of Israel, they will indeed gain respect for Israel, as will our enemies, once Israel’s leadership stops wavering and takes decisive steps to protect its people and maintain its security.

Along these lines, Israel must make decisive strides to affirm its right to its land despite the overwhelming propaganda that promotes the lies disseminated by the PA and their NGO supporters. We must stop being on the defensive and institute offensive measures against those whose aim is to destroy us.

The ball needs to be in our court, not theirs.

The Prime Minister of Israel must take the grand step of identifying the PA as a terrorist movement in the long line of terrorist movements. It must acknowledge that the PA is waging war against the people of Israel with an aim to conquer the country. It is, by far, no secret that the PA, like Hamas, indoctrinates their young to hate and kill the Jewish people. Both are enemies of Israel and Israel must treat them as such. There must be a full stop to enabling both, the PA and Hamas, financially and otherwise – end the transfer of funds and services to them and strike back with the goal of putting them out of commission.

Furthermore, in order to once and for all delegitimize our enemy’s false claims to Judea and Samaria, the Israeli government must get down to business of cleaning house, and while doing so, extend its full sovereignty to all people living in those areas.

The Israeli military must focus on eliminating the terrorist regimes of the PA and Hamas, along with all those loyal to a policy of terror against Israel. Upon freeing those Arab residents of Judea and Samaria from an evil and corrupt leadership that oppressed them, who wish to live peacefully under Israeli sovereignty, only then can we progress to peace.

As for the present demonic terrorists who brutally raped a daughter of Israel, full castration should be the order of the day. It must be made clear, under no uncertain terms, that those who dare touch one strand of hair on our girls and women, will rue the day they hatched their diabolical schemes against the Jewish nation. Punishments must likewise be dispensed swiftly to anyone who had information on the planned attack and did not prevent it, as well as on those who harbored them, concealing their whereabouts. Revoking work permits of the clan and the village from which spawned the terrorists should also be routine.

Passivity on our part garners neither respect nor protection.

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