The most fascinating video ever made about the Jewish people

by Phil Schneider

There is nothing about the history of the Jewish people that is within the realm of logic. There is always an entire dimension that is beyond the levels of logic. From where did this originate?

Well, it all started with Creation. But, more precisely, it started around 1900 years later with one man – Abraham. He was a sole personality in a world filled with paganism and darkness. Yet, he saw on his own that indeed the world was much more complex than what everyone else saw around him.

Forefather to the Entire World

There are people who do not descend from Abraham. But all Jews come from him and his wife Sarah. God did not give Abraham the Bible, the Torah. But he did begin the process of building a Jewish nation. His second son, Isaac, who his wife Sarah gave birth to at the age of 90, was the progeny through whom the Jewish people would be built from. But only one of Isaac’s children, Jacob was the chosen child. From Jacob, the 12 Tribes came out. It is from these 12 Tribes that God built up the entire Jewish nation.

The story of Jewish survival through so much persecution and dispersion, is the most amazing story of the entire history of mankind. The history of the world without the Jewish story would be so much less complete. In truth, the world has been enriched by the small nation to more people in the world than any other nation. The quotes of John Adams and Woodrow Wilson are but two of the many Presidents who understand the amount that the Jewish people have contributed to mankind.

What is the source of this amazing story? The answer is God. It is His Will. It is all part of a plan – a divine plan.

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