“The Palestinian Authority Must Internalize That Times Have Changed”

by Gavriel Dan

Former MK Michael Oren points out why the UAE-Israel Peace deal is so important.

Interview with Michael Oren from 12Tribe Films on Vimeo.

According to Oren, the peace deal upended two core beliefs about the Israel-Arab conflict.

The first is Land for Peace. The UAE deal is a peace deal that has no expectation that land will ever be exchanged. This is important, because it breaks expectations. This is why the Palestinian Arabs are so angry about the deal.

The second assumption that has been overturned is that the “Palestinian” Israeli conflict is the core conflict where all other conflicts are rooted in. By making peace with Israel first, before any final agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel was reached, the UAE has essentially shredded the PA’s biggest leverage against Israel.

As business and relations grow between the UAE and Israel, the PA will have less and less ability to stir up trouble.

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