College students admit to liking President Trump’s COVID plan

by Leah Rosenberg

It seems that many college students do not think for themselves and just blindly hate President Trump without knowing why. But some admit there is good.

College Students and Trump

Most colleges are filled with Liberals who spread their ideas to impressionable college students. Teachers seem to also be sharing their own political views and convincing others to believe the same thing.

So it is definitely interesting that these students approved President Trump’s COVID plan, even when they found out it was his and not Biden’s.

Not everyone needs to like every single thing President Trump does and says. But when he does do good, which he has done a lot of, it is only fair to recognize it and appreciate it.

Young Voters – Think for Yourselves

It is important that young voters make informed decisions and think for themselves. This video shows that many are not even aware of some of Trump’s policies and actions. These students actually approved of some of what he has done, and they don’t even know it. Voters often believe in a specific party or candidate because that is what they are told to believe.

But that will not lead America to anywhere good. Whether a person chooses to vote for a Democrat or a Republican should be his choice, and it should be an educated decision.

Don’t just hate to hate. Know what you are voting for or against and why. The media misleads so many young Americans, and more people need to start seeking the truth.

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