New archaeological excavation uncovers a fascinating Biblical truth

by Leah Rosenberg

When the land of Israel reveals so many Biblical truths, how can you deny it? This has got to be one of the most mind-blowing discoveries!

Biblical Truth is Everywhere

Many know that the Bible is true. The hope is that people don’t need these Biblical proofs. But for those who do, the truth is everywhere.

Archaeology in Israel is different than archaeology throughout the rest of the world. It does not only uncover history, but it proves the Bible’s validity. Archaeologists can see the Bible as they excavate throughout Israel. The words come to life. The verses fly though the air as they dig up more and more truth.

It is actually more difficult to disprove the Bible than to prove it!

Connecting to the Past

Jews mourn the destruction of the first and second Temples and Jerusalem every year on the 9th day of Av in the Jewish calendar. Excavations like these make the destruction more palpable. It makes the mourning more real.

There is something real to mourn. There were such evil rulers in the world that destroyed another’s precious and holy city so violently that the proof still exists thousands of years later.

The destruction remains, and so do the tears of the Jewish nation.

All the archaeology that has been uncovered in Israel is just a manifestation of everything the Jewish people still believe in and still feel. Every ritual and custom is hidden in the dirt and the stones. And it is truly amazing.

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