With Latest Mideast Move, Trump Prepares To Take On China

by Micha Gefen

The Middle East realignment that is now moving much faster than had been predicted is much more to do with bolstering US allies ahead of a new Cold War with China than it is merely to bring peace to Israel and the Arabs.

While Trump’s brokering of the historic deal between the UAE and Israel is nothing short of earth shattering, it is what the deal brings the US as far as its ability to stand up against both China and Russia in the Middle East.

For years, China’s erstwhile ally Iran has pushed its expansionist agenda across the Middle East bringing the region to the brink of war. Ultimately, it is China and Russia who has used Iran as a pawn against America and the West. The deal with the UAE is America’s attempt to strengthen the Sunni Arab states and Israel, with the hope that it can be used as a bulwark against Chinese and Iranian expansion in the region.

With just months to go until the US election, President Trump is expecting the region to be ground zero for a potential Chinese – US conflict by way of their proxies.

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