The One Thing that Most People Dread but Israelis Celebrate

by Leah Rosenberg

Israelis celebrate many things. But there is something that they celebrate which other people wish away. And that is rain.

Israelis Celebrate Rain in Israel

Rain is not always convenient. But in Israel, it is especially necessary and crucial during the fall and winter months. Throughout many other places in the world, rain is common – and also dreaded. People get upset; the rain ruins their day. It ruins their plans. And in Israel, Israelis celebrate the rain. They know that it is critical for the agriculture and the land. In fact, it is so important that Jews actually insert special prayers for the rain, beseeching G-d to give the holy land a rainy season.

How beautiful is that? We pray for rain! We rely on G-d to give us something that seems so basic and obvious; so natural. But the raindrops will only fall if G-d decrees it. We need ask Him for those rainy days.

When people move to Israel from other countries, it is something they must get accustomed to – celebrating the rain. Many find it inconvenient and hope it stops. But in Israel, the mindset is different. People have to learn not only to accept the rain but to embrace it. To love it. To pray for it. It is truly a blessing. Without it, Israel cannot survive.

So the next time you are in Israel and it rains during the fall and winter months, instead of complaining that it ruined your day, be thankful that G-d sent the rainfall! Be thankful that He is providing Israel with what it needs.

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