Iran Targets the Golan Heights For Takeover

by Micha Gefen

The gateway to Israel from its North has always been through the Golan Heights. This is what makes it such a strategic area in Israel as it creates a fortress like wall.

The entire battle front in Eastern Golan, between Israel and the forces of Iran, Syria, and Hebollah has one purpose – to control the Golan. For he who controls the Golan – controls Israel. This is why so much focus i being put on it by Israel and her enemies.

In the coming Northern war, it is certain that Iran and its proxies will attempt to overrun the Golan Heights and reign missiles on Israel. Israel is keeping a close on the Syrian side of the Golan and is concentrating most of its firepower on picking off an build up Iranian or Iranian backed proxies there.

For Israel, losing the Golan would be catastrophic. Iran knows this and will do whatever is necessary to conquer the strategic territory.

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