Watch Bari Weiss and Ben Shapiro Give the Secret to Beating Cancel Culture

by Phil Schneider

Cowardice. Bari Weiss claims that all of the cancel culture that is going on is due to a lack of courage that people are displaying in the face of the attempt to shut mouths. Bari Weiss claims that the middle of America is where most people are holding ideologically. Weiss is a super bright person and a very important person to listen to in order to really get down to the core of the causes and ills of cancel culture.

Bari Weiss was not merely a New York Times columnist. She had previously been at the Wall Street Journal. She never was, nor is a conservative today. But she is an honest liberal-oriented columnist. When Donald Trump won the presidential election, nearly everyone was shocked. Weiss was brought in in order to dig up the sources of the ideas that brought Trump to power. Then, she had a tremendous wake-up call when she realized that the ideas of conservative leaders are viewed by many of the radical left as pure violence. Any opinions that didn’t fit the progressive narrative were completely tossed out. The only news that was fit to print was news that fir the anti-white narrative.

Weiss elaborates on how her articles on anti-semitism were tossed out the window by New York Times editors because the culprits were not white. It didn’t fit the narrative. She realized then and in subsequent experiences that the truth was not what drove the editors of the newspaper. Nor was it financial interests. It was about pushing the narrative. Anyone who did not fit the narrative was irrationally labeled as xenophobic, racist, etc… Her most powerful label for the culture today is crowd-sourced McCarthyism.

Ben Shapiro and Bari Weiss’ discussion truly gets into the details of the causes and solutions for dealing with the crushing pressure of the cancel culture that is plaguing America today. We need brave people to stand up to this Orwellian new world. Weiss is right. We need strong people to stand up and fight against the closing of the minds of people in the Western world.

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