The One Organization that is Really Controlling the World

by Phil Schneider

Their are many conspiratorial ideas circulating around the internet. This is one of the most common topics that claims that the World Economic forum has so much power that they actually control the world. Watch and decide if you think Klaus Schwab actually controls the world.

It would seem that the WEF is one of many very influential bodies that are major power players across the world. Yes, the World Economic Forum is much more socialist and woke oriented than capitalist-oriented. This is true and clearly stated on the World Economic forum website.

Where the argument gets weaker is the claim of enormous power of young global leaders all working together somehow through the World Economic Forum. Are Gavin Newsom, Tulsi Gabbard, Marc Zuckerberg, and others all working together in tandem? I don’t buy it. And can Tulsi Gabbard actually be tossed into the same level of influence as Marc Zuckerberg? Fat chance. Is Marc Zuckerberg under the influence of the World Economic Forum? Not convinced.

Yes, the World Economic Forum is not an open-minded NGO. Yes, they have goals of influencing the world in ways that are based on post-modern globalist ideas that are more socialist than capitalist. But that doesn’t mean that there is some unbelievably powerful force that is running the world via this NGO. Klaus Schwab claims that they have enormous influence. So does every NGO looking to raise money from other major influencers. This video has not convinced me that the World Economic Forum is anywhere close to as powerful as China, major social media companies, or Barack Obama. And no, I don’t believe that Obama, China, or Twitter consult with Klaus Schwab before making policy moves.

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