Who Profits The Most From Skyrocketing Gas Prices?

by Leah Rosenberg

Gas prices have Americans’ attention. Why isn’t President Biden opening up the US gas market, to once again be independent like it was under President Trump, instead of reaching out to buy gas from Venezuela and Middle East countries? Why is the US government not taking the necessary steps to lower gas prices? And who is profiting from these rising gas prices?

The Skyrocketing Gas Prices

Yes there is a war that is driving up gas prices. But with existing US gas deposits, is it really necessary to drive up gas prices now? Or are we witnessing a manufactured problem to push gas prices up to phase out gas cars and go all electric, which fits perfectly with the left’s ‘green new deal’? We don’t know for sure necessarily, but the Left is definitely taking advantage and trying to tell people to get rid of their gas cars.

One thing the Left excels at is creating problems that they then use to push their destructive policies. It has been an ongoing theme. And it has been damaging to America and Americans.

Trump warned us about the skyrocketing gas prices. How many people listened?

And then the responses of the Left. It makes it seem like they purposely manufactured the problem…all while blaming Trump who hasn’t been in power in over a year…

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