Incredibly Powerful: What Never Again Actually Means

by Leah Rosenberg

We hear the words “Never Again” often. We hope we can do our part to stand up against the hatred that still exists in the world.

An Eye-Opening Look at Never Again

This is what Never Again means to the nation of Israel. This is how the Jewish people are doing their part to ensure the safety and protection of their own. Do not mess with the Jewish people.

When Hitler was slaughtering the Jews, there was no organized Jewish army. There was no Israel Defense Forces. There was no modern state of Israel with a Jewish government for Jews worldwide to easily return to. And now, look how far the people of Israel have come. Look at the striking contrast of the images and video footage from the Holocaust to now. Look at the Israeli army defending the Jewish homeland. Look at the Jewish people praying and dancing by the Western Wall. Look at the waving Israeli flag. These images are powerful. They are noteworthy. These images mean something.

We cannot forget our past. We cannot erase the images from the Holocaust – we never should. We must remember. We must learn about it and educate others. And we must do so while realizing how strong we are; how far we have come. How we are still here and did not die out or give up like Hitler and the Nazis wanted. We are an eternal nation.

When the Jewish people say Never Again, we mean it. We feel it. We believe it and live it.

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