The NY Times blames airplanes for 9/11 instead of Muslim terrorists

by Leah Rosenberg

The NY Times blames airplanes for the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. They felt airplanes were responsible and not Al-Qaeda. There are no words.

The NY Times Blames Airplanes??

The New York Times keeps on reaching new lows. Every time some article or tweet is written, it seems bad. And then it just keeps getting worse. And this time, they did something to degrade and dishonor every single 9/11 victim and their families. That is thousands and thousands of people that The New York Times disrespected. That is thousands of victims that The New York Times decided were not valuable enough to remember properly.

The NY Times actually blames airplanes for the tragic terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 instead of blaming Islamic terrorists. Apparently, the airplanes were responsible for murdering thousands of innocent Americans, leaving husbands without wives, wives without husbands, children without parents, parents without children and more. Apparently, terrorists had nothing to do with it. The New York Times should be completely ashamed of themselves.

And Then it Continues…

To remember 9/11, The New York Times did not have victims share their thoughts. They did not have people talk about the horrors. Instead, they had a Muslim talk about how America became Islamophobic after, and how that is the biggest issue facing the United States. Wow. If The NY Times had not disgraced all the victims of 9/11 enough, they also have an article to go along with their already shameful tweet. This is actually horrifying and humiliating. Just 18 years after the shocking and traumatizing attack, this newspaper made it clear who they side with. And no, sadly, it is not America. It is not the victims. It is not the victims’ families.

If the lack of compassion, awareness, and morality of The New York Times does not bring you to tears, what will?

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