Wait to hear what Bill Gates said about this Sabbath-observant Jew

by Leah Rosenberg

Being a Sabbath-observant Jew can be difficult in the secular world. It can be hard to hold on to your belief when so many are pressuring you otherwise.

Being a Sabbath-Observant Jew

Being Sabbath-observant is special. It is a built in time once a week to completely disconnect from all that distracts us. It gives us a time to reconnect with God and build our relationship with him. Sabbath gives us a time to strengthen our relationship with our family and friends without the distractions of the outside world. It is truly a beautiful and unique time.

But of course, it can sometimes be difficult. It is not always easy to choose spirituality over materialism. For some, it can be challenging to know the world is continuing on as you take a step back to refocus on what is important in life. And what Kivi Bernhard did is unbelievable. It is extremely heroic to swim against the tide when there is so much pressure and force pulling you the other way.

Cash Can’t Give What Sabbath Does

Money cannot give any person what the Sabbath gives. Kivi Bernhard knows that. It takes strength to turn down money – especially when it is a large sum. But to turn it down in order to properly keep the Sabbath – that is just another level. And Bill Gates found that to be special as well. Bill Gates understood that money cannot buy the Sabbath. The Sabbath is priceless.

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