Buddhist monk tries to open our eyes about freedom of religion and why Muslims oppose it!

by Avi Abelow

Even a Buddhist monk can see the truth. Why are so many throughout the world blind to it? Maybe he can convince the world to wake up!

Buddhist Monk Sees the Truth

Listening to this Buddhist monk speak is quite eye-opening. He believes that we can all live in peace – even different religions. The problem, though, is that the Muslims do not want to live in peace with others. The Muslims want to take over and make the entire world Muslim! They do not want different religions to coexist. And that is exactly why other religions cannot coexist with Islam. It is not because other religions are intolerant. It is because Muslims are intolerant of the other religions! People throughout the world – in North America, Asia, Europe – fear that Islam will takeover. And those fears are most definitely not irrational. We have seen it slowly taking place. We have heard from Muslims themselves what they want!

But So Many Still Ignore it…

It is truly mind-boggling how so many people still ignore what is happening right in front of us. The world is changing at a frighteningly rapid pace. There is not much time left to wake up. The time is now. And if we miss the time, the feared reality will become the full reality.

Arab Incitement
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