Netanyahu rushed out of election rally after Gaza rockets fired at the city

by Avi Abelow

Well, what a memorable election rally this was! Thanks to the “peaceful” Gazan terrorists, Netanyahu was rushed off of stage during a campaign speech.

The Interrupted Election Rally

PM Bibi Netanyahu was speaking at an election rally when he was interrupted by something. No, not a supporter. No, not a contender. Netanyahu was interrupted because terrorists in Gaza sent over rockets into Ashdod where Bibi was at the time. Hamas tried to destroy democracy as it was literally transpiring.

Who is the world going to blame for this? Israel? Is Israel really responsible when Hamas sends rockets to kill innocent people? Hamas has one goal in mind, and it is NOT peace!

Terrorism will NOT Win!

They can try to kick the Jewish people out of the Jewish homeland, but it will not work. Bibi later resumed his speech because, as it is said, life goes on. Israelis continue living. They continue fighting. The sad part is that the world wants to let terrorism win. Much of the world sides with the terrorists in Gaza. They blame Israel for tension. They blame Israel for those who are suffering in Gaza. But Hamas just keeps proving time and time again who is good and who is evil.

Israel will not let terrorism win. And maybe the world shouldn’t either.

Dr. Risch

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