The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 have returned

by Orit Arfa

Are you a victim of the Nuremberg Laws 2.018? If you’ve been called a “Nazi” today for your political views, then, yes, you are.

2018 Upgrade

These laws are an “upgrade” of the the laws of 1935 which made Jews second class citizens so that they could be persecuted against. Nuremberg Laws 1935 were very complex and non-sensical, trying to look at the racial make-up of one’s ancestry to determine whether or not they were Jewish “enough” to be persecuted against.

While Holocaust comparisons are thrown around way too easily (for example, PETA comparing animal cruelty to the Holocaust), Nuremberg Laws 2.018 is a conceptual and satirical comparison. Jews can no longer be persecuted the way the Nazis persecuted them. That is way too politically incorrect. But there is a backhanded way to persecute them: to attack their champions. And what’s worse, those who enact the Nuremberg Laws 2.018 exploit the Holocaust by arguing they’re fighting the “Nazis” of today.

Today’s Targets of the Laws

This video presents who are the targets of the Nuremberg Laws 2.018, the new “Jews,” and what kind of persecutions they employ. You know you’ve been a victim if you’ve been slandered for your political views, socially ostracized, censored and much worse. The hatred people have for the new “Jews” is often so blind and irrational, that it’s not surprising they would use physical force against them.

So here, the ultimate retaliation against cheap Holocaust comparisons: the Nuremberg Laws 2.018.

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