The next time someone argues about who Jerusalem belongs to, show them this

by Leah Rosenberg

The world and the media depict Jerusalem as a controversial city. But when you take a look at the history of Jerusalem, nothing is controversial at all.

History of Jerusalem

Open your eyes and take a look at the history of Jerusalem. For the Jewish people, the connection dates back thousands of years. The nations of today who claim the Jewish people have no connection did not even exist yet. Those claims are false and illegitimate. Does anyone care about the facts?

The binding of Isaac took place in Jerusalem.

King David made Jerusalem the eternal Jewish capital.

Both Jewish Temples stood in Jerusalem.

And the history goes on and on.

Other nations have tried to conquer Jerusalem and strip it of its Jewish identity. But they have not succeeded.

The Jewish people have never stopped fighting for and yearning for Jerusalem since they were exiled.

Yet the world seems to ignore history and deny its validity.

Is Jerusalem Controversial?

The media talks of East Jerusalem and West Jerusalem. But there is really only one Jerusalem. And God gave it to the Jewish people as their capital in their homeland – the homeland of Israel, which God also gave to the Jewish people. The world wants to question that and reject it?

Because Jerusalem is in Israel and the media portrays everything about Israel in a complicated way, people think Jerusalem is controversial. Furthermore, they wonder: “Who does it belong to? Which half of Jerusalem belongs to which people?” The questions go on and on. The answers always lead to blaming Israel and denying the Jewish connection to their eternal capital.

It is really simple and clear. Jerusalem is not a controversial city.

The whole Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people. If the world is allowed to deny history, what else can they deny?

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