The next stage of the redemption may finally be here

by Leah Rosenberg

Many people are waiting for the redemption. Much of Jewish prayer focuses on asking G-d for a world where everyone recognizes His greatness.

Is the Redemption Coming?

The redemption will definitely come, it is just a matter of when. We can bring it closer by following G-d’s word. We can bring it closer by preparing ourselves and preparing the world for what is to come.

And that is what the Temple Institute is trying to do – prepare. What if G-d granted us the ability to rebuild the third and final Temple tomorrow? The Temple Institute would want to have as many things ready as possible.


No matter how much we do to prepare – physically and spiritually – it is ultimately up to G-d to pick the exact time when the redemption will come. And we need to ask Him for it.

Jewish prayer is filled with opportunities to ask for it. Some of these opportunities are already written for us in a standard text that has been said throughout the centuries – in the morning, afternoon, and evening prayers, in Grace after meals, and more. But there are also moments in prayer and throughout the day when we can beseech G-d using our own words. What a special gift that is to be able to speak to the One Above so often!

G-d wants to hear our prayers. G-d wants us to prepare and ready ourselves for the coming of the Messiah. It is up to us to do what G-d wants.

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