The restoration of Biblical purity is within reach

by Leah Rosenberg

The ashes of the Red Heifer are an essential part of the Temple service that the High Priest observed during the 830 years that the two Temples stood.

Biblical Purity

The essence of the custom to sprinkle the ashes of the red heifer is a mystery.  Even King Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, could not fully understand the essence of the red heifer.

What we do understand is that somehow the ashes both purified the impure and turned the pure to impure.

This is well within the realm of unclear commandments that are beyond the logic of man.  This is one of many commandments like this.  But it is not just any commandment.  According to many, it is the prototype of a commandment that is beyond our logic.

Spiritual Realms of the Temple

There are many activities that the High Priest and other Priests performed in the Temple that are beyond our understanding.  Another example are the odd-shaped bread forms that make up the bread inside of the Holy area of the Temple.  There are certainly deep meanings behind these customs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we understand them.

Nearly every aspect of the Temple service is symbolic and has a deeper meaning than we realize.  These are the kinds of things that the most learned people search out and occasionally reveal to the masses.

The Temple Institute

These amazing people, located in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem are like the boy scouts of the Temple.  They do everything in order to “Be prepared.”  But they are an adult serious organization made up of first rate Rabbis who know their stuff.  They are the world experts on all artifacts of the Temple.  So far, they have a perfectly crafted Menorah – candelabra, and all of the clothes of the High Priest prepared.

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