Israeli technology is leading the way in sustainable weight loss

by Leah Rosenberg

Who has not tried a weight loss program at some point in their life? Most people have tried numerous programs. The big issue is how to sustain one’s weight loss. Metaflow may have figured out the solution that will personalize weight loss and bring results that last.


Israeli startup Metaflow’s Lumen is a respiratory metabolism tracking device that determines whether you are burning fat or carbohydrates. An AI-based app then provides nutrition and fitness advice based on the test’s results and personal goals. Lumen has raised $1.4 million on Indiegogo.

What this means in more simple terms is that often people lose weight within a matter of weeks.  This of course makes a person feel great.  But then within a matter of months, or sometimes even weeks, the weight creeps right back up.  The frustration is enormous.  But the real cause of the frustration is the lack of understanding as to why the weight loss could not be sustained.

Knowledge is Power

Metaflow’s tracking device allows a person to have clarity at all times.  It is perfectly reasonable for a person to gain back some weight.  But if they know that the cause of the weight gain is that they only burned off carbohydrates and not much fat, then they can formulate a plan that better fits their metabolism.

This is the key to nearly all health related advances – personalization.  We are all unique and have different physiological and emotional makeups.

This is one of many great advances from the HolyLand that may one day change weight loss forever.


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