Iranian women took to the streets and did something that shocked the regime

by Avi Abelow

Iranian women took to the streets to dance. They then post the videos on social media to protest the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is a protest in response to the Iranian morality police.  The police arrested a teenage girl who posted Instagram videos of herself dancing without a head covering and in immodest dress.

Maedeh Hojabri

Maedeh Hojabri is a 18 year old Iranian young woman who was recently arrested for posting videos of herself dancing on her very popular Instagram account. Hojabri is a gymnast and she posted around 300 videos of various gymnast dance routines.
A few weeks ago the Iranian morality police detained her.  Her crime?  She did not abide by Iran’s modesty laws for women. This includes a compulsory head covering called the hijab.

Iranian Women Protest

In response, many Iranian women came up with a very original protest to let the regime know that they disapprove of Hojabri’s detention. They danced in public, videoed themselves and posted them on social media.

They used hashtags that translate as “#dancing_isn’t_a_crime” and “#dance_to_freedom.”   Dozens of women risked arrest and shared footage in support of Ms Hojabri.

Social Media in the Islamic Regime of Iran

Iran has very strict modesty laws for all Iranian citizens to abide by Islamic Shariah law, regardless of whether people are religious or not.

The Iranian police have said they plan to shut down “immodest” accounts on Instagram.  On the other hand, the judiciary is considering blocking access to the site.

The Islamic regime of Iran has already barred access to many social media sites.  This includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the Telegram messaging app.

However, millions of Iranians continue to use them through proxies and VPNs.

Punishing Women

Last year the Iranian morality police warned, fined and arrested over 3.6 million Iranian women for inappropriate dress.  This includes going outside without the hijab head covering.

Women in Iran are often sent to prison for a year for going outside without wearing the hijab head covering. This woman went public decrying this law against Iranian women.

Brave Iranian woman have also lately protested the compulsory hijab law in public.

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