As Corona Rages, Israel Prepares For War Against Iran

by Micha Gefen

While the coronavirus continues to spread out of control in Israel as the feared second wave hits, Iran is making no surprise of its intentions to retaliate against the Jewish State for a series of covert attacks on many of its secret facilities.

This was the meaning behind sending up the new Ofek-16 reconnaissance satellite. It is said to be able to give Israel greater ability to monitor potential Iranian covert operations against it.

With word leaking that most Middle Eastern powers believe Israel to be behind many of the attacks on Iranian secret facilities in the past weeks, it is clear that Iran is planning some sort of revenge. This will be either from Syria, Lebanon, or something covert like a cyberattack.

Although the planning of the launch seems to coincide with an uptick in tensions, “The timing was planned far in advance,” Shlomi Sudari, the head of IAI’s space program said.

With the Israeli coalition fraying at the seams, corona expanding, and a growing international coalition against Israel’s extension sovereignty, a war is the last thing it needs. However, it may be Iran who determines the schedule and intensity of the coming conflict – not Israel.

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