Allen West slams Obama for supporting a Marxist America

by Phil Schneider

There are many people today who claim that the rioters and many of their supporters are actually Marxists. Is this an exaggeration? Do the people who are working on bringing down President Trump through chaos and rioting actually want to install a government that is more like the government that ran Communist Russia for around 8 decades?

Most of the rioters are not Marxists. They are angry people who think that America is a racist country. Many of the people who are tearing down statues are indeed people intent on bringing down the way of life that we are accustomed to in America. However, the bulk of the people that are protesters are simply confused people who genuinely think that America is a country that is filled with racism. But, yes, there is a small minority of protesters that are Marxists. They genuinely believe that Communist Russia was much better than the United States.

This may surprise some – but there is some truth to the ideas of Marxism. The idea of redistribution of wealth to benefit the poor is actually a beautiful idea. The problem is that every country that tried to actualize this idea ended up being a country that killed tens of millions of people in order to implement the ideology. The problem is that the only way to implement Marxist ideology is via totalitarianism. That is the core problem with Marxism. Totalitarianism is evil. There is nothing good about it. One of the best – if not the best – aspects of life in the United States of America is the genuine freedom that reigns.

So, do people like Barack Obama want to reign in that freedom and create a more loving totalitarian option to run the USA? If so, then thank G-d that we still have the right to bear arms – because we may need them. But, I think this is an exaggeration. The progressive push to the radical left is indeed very dangerous. But ultimately, the democratic principles of the Constitution are rather strong, and the balance of powers insures that the United States will never have too much power in one branch of the government. We need to thank the founding fathers. They have saved us from the radicals with their foresight.

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