The murderers of the two-state solution

by Leah Rosenberg

Does the two-state solution really make sense? Does it seem logical to build a terrorist state alongside the Jewish state? For people who hate Jews it does.

Two-State Solution

How nice and peaceful does it sound? A two-state solution? A Jewish state alongside a “Palestinian” state.

The Western World is taught the value of sharing. It is usually positive.

But is anyone taught to share with murderers? Is anyone taught to share with thieves? That is an absurd idea.

Yet, that is exactly what the world wants Israel to do. They want Israel to share its homeland. Israel is happy to have Arabs live inside the Jewish state, provided that those Arabs are not terrorists. Israel has no problem sharing in that sense.

But how can anyone force Israel to allow a terrorist state right next to its Jewish state? How can anyone claim that the Jewish people should put themselves in grave danger like that?

Do They Even Want Two-States?

There is another crucial aspect to the whole two-state solution debate. The “Palestinian” leadership does not want two-states. They do not want a “Palestinian” state alongside a Jewish one. The “Palestinian” leadership wants to DESTROY the Jewish state, and they have made that crystal clear. One of the main chants of “Palestinian” supporters is, “From the river to the sea, ‘Palestine’ will be free.” What are they demanding? That the state of Israel be wiped off the map.

The reason that two states will never happen is because those people that Israel is asked to live alongside are murderers. They are Hamas and its rockets. They are Mahmoud Abbas and the “Palestinian” Authority. And secondly, it is obvious that the leadership of the “Palestinian” people have no interest in living peacefully next to the Jewish people. They do not want two states. They want one: A “Palestinian” terrorist one.

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