PLO rep to the UK admits “Palestinians” never wanted a two-state solution

by Avi Abelow

Why is the world trying to claim that the “Palestinians” want to live in peace with Israel when even a PLO rep is saying otherwise?

PLO Rep Says No to Peace

This PLO rep says it loud and clear. He says it IN ENGLISH! The Palestinian Arabs do not want a two-state solution. They do not want to be neighbors with Israel. Their goal is to wipe Israel off the map and destroy the Jewish people. The “Palestinian” leaders have said it time and time again. They have absolutely no interest in peace. The PLO rep even calls out the way newspapers talk about a two-state solution when the “Palestinians” do not demand that. It is a concession, as the rep said.

As the Imam of Peace tweeted: “Exactly what I have always been saying: It’s not about borders. It’s about having Jewish neighbours. They don’t want Jewish neighbours. They will continue to want to kill them. It’s their ideology. A backward, hateful ideology introduced by men who believe in flying donkeys.”

Spreading Lies

Listen to the major lie that was said publicly by the PLO rep – not that it is surprising that he lied. He claimed, “For Palestinians, it doesn’t make sense that early on, the starting point of forgoing 78% of what was rightly yours. You don’t start there. You start somewhere else.”

The problem is – the land of Israel never “rightfully” belonged to the Palestinian Arabs. It has belonged to the Jewish people for thousands of years. God gave the Land of Israel to the nation of Israel. The Bible proves it. History proves it. Archaeology proves it.

Oh, and the “Palestinian” people…well, they do not really exist. It is all fabricated. So the Jewish people never stole any land from a non-existent group of people. But nice try, Mr. PLO representative.

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