Democrats explode at Mark Zuckerberg for racism on Facebook

by Leah Rosenberg

Facebook has had its low moments. But are they willing to fix their extreme flaws? Watch Mark Zuckerberg get slammed by Democrats for Facebook’s racism!

Mark Zuckerberg

This is not the first time that Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, has gotten grilled by Congress. Senator Ted Cruz questioned him back in March for his extreme Liberal bias and political censorship. But did that bother extreme Liberals? Senator Cruz is a Conservative. So maybe that story did not grab the attention of Democrats.

But this story definitely should!

Democrats Explode at Facebook CEO

Well, how refreshing is this to hear? Facebook is known for its left leaning policies and bias. So when Democrats themselves condemn Facebook, it is definitely worth listening to! Representative Joyce Beatty was infuriated by the racism that takes place on Facebook. And she most definitely did not hold back. Zuckerberg had no answers for her. Representative Al Green was next to interrogate the Facebook CEO. He was wondering about women and minorities. And Zuckerberg again did not know the answers to Green’s questions. Even Democrats are getting fed up with Facebook!

Facebook should make it a priority to keep its platform unbiased and neutral in every area. But so far, it has not. It is lacking. Mark Zuckerberg should be aware of what is happening in his company. He should have the answers. Responding “I don’t know” is unintelligent and ignorant. And the founder and CEO of such a large company should definitely have more answers.

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