Senator Ted Cruz grills Zuckerberg about Facebook’s Liberal bias

by Phil Schneider

Watch the face of Marc Zuckerberg. He knows that Ted Cruz is going to nail him at the weak point of Facebook – the liberal bias. There were other Senators who also grilled Zuckerberg. I think he made a smart move of focusing on how Silicon Valley is a very progressive left atmosphere. Senator Lindsey Graham also nailed Zuckerberg on the monopolistic tendencies of Facebook. Against Sen. Graham, Zuckerberg actually did a better job. He smartly took a stand that he would be for regulation of the tech giant. This was a smart move. It showed that he did except that he would have to bend a bit, or else he would have the entire legislative branch ganging up against him. Of course, once they would sit down and talk about regulation, it would be the job of the lawyers to make sure the right things were regulated that would not affect the core of the Facebook business.

Facebook and Google’s Power

In any discussion about how strong Facebook is, the name Google will come up. And vice versa. The two titans are so big and powerful that they will be able to swallow up nearly anyone else. Does that make them into a monopoly? Well it most certainly puts them both into a different category. The truth is that they may not be able to keep their dominance in the tech sphere. There are other massive players with massive amounts of money. Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft are all major players too. But the best defense for Facebook and Google against them being an oligopoly is that we simply do not know what will happen in the future.

When Google began taking over the world of search and gradually the internet, there was no Facebook. The whole idea of Social Media barely existed. Then out of the blue, social media began to become a force in the world. Google was slow to adapt and understand the power of this new force. Now, Google does not necessarily dominate the internet half as much as they did before the advent of Facebook. So, each one of the titans will be able to argue that similarly, nobody can foresee what will happen in the future. So, any argument that says that we know the future can be argued against very forcefully. Anyway you cut it, the two titans will be dominant in one fashion or another for many years to come

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