Jewish Republican against Democrats’ resolution condemning hate – this is why

by Leah Rosenberg

When a Jewish Republican Congress member decides not to vote for a resolution condemning hate, you have to wonder why. He has the perfect answer.

Jewish Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin

Lee Zeldin is a Republic Congress member representing the State of New York. He is a Jewish Republican. And he did not vote for the Democrats’ resolution condemning hate. That seems absurd, but when you hear his reason why, it all makes sense.

The resolution did not mention Ilhan Omar by name. But if it was a Republican, it would have. Of course there is a double standard. Rep. Zeldin condemns hate, obviously, but he wants it to properly be condemned. He wants antisemitism to fully be addressed, not partially. His words are strong, and everyone needs to hear what he said.

Will Ilhan Omar Fully be Penalized?

For some reason, Ilhan Omar has not fully be condemned or penalized yet. Dealing with her bigotry halfway is not enough. Is it because she is a Democrat? Because a Republican member has been kicked off committees for white supremacy. But Ilhan Omar has not been kicked off the Foreign Affairs Committee yet.

Ilhan Omar is not naive. She says what she says and does what she does with intent. And there are no excuses.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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