The most rare coin discovered at the Tower of David’s in Jerusalem’s Old City

by Leah Rosenberg

Can you imagine capturing so much of Jewish history through its archaeology? Well, in Jerusalem’s Old City, it’s possible.

Archaeology in Jerusalem’s Old City

Jerusalem’s Old City is filled with history. Archaeological findings have been uncovered throughout that area. Tunnels, coins, and more. These artifacts tell stories and reveal truths about the past. It’s amazing how many people walk through areas that hold such deep secrets.

Whenever you think that there won’t be some new and fascinating discovery because so many things have already been uncovered, there is always more. There are always more coins, seals, and pottery waiting to be dug up. The past, present, and future of Jerusalem all meet when archaeologists dig and discover.

When the Truth Comes Out

Why is it that the world doesn’t care about the truth? Why doesn’t the world care about history and archaeology? The United Nations refuses to accept that the Jewish state belongs to the Jewish people. College campus activists refuse to accept that all arrows point to one thing: A past, present, and future Jewish state. It can really only be explained through antisemitism. There is no other way that anyone can deny such obvious truths about Israel. The facts stare right at the world screaming for someone to recognize them.

But again and again, everyone denies the truth. But for those who see the truth, they will continue to be amazed at all the discoveries hiding in Israel just waiting to be uncovered.

You really don’t want to miss out on the fascinating archaeology being uncovered constantly in Israel.

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