STILL OUR FRIENDS? Biden Folds On All Major Issues In Iran Nuclear Negotiations

by David Mark

Sources are saying that the Biden team has folded on all major issues connected to the Iranian nuclear negotiations and deal. Isn’t America Israel’s best friend?

Not everyone thinks so.

Israel has always been a thorn in the side of the progressive establishment in America. True, the leadership of America’s liberal wing has had to pay a sort of faux homage to the relationship the US has with Israel, but in recent years this has become less necessary.

With sentiments shifting against Israel amongst America’s younger generation within the Democratic party, the Biden administration is less constrained in dealing with Iran and sees Israel much more of a nuisance than it has in the past.

This is why the reports out of the nuclear negotiations in Vienna that the US has given in on all of its positions is of no real surprise. After all, the Biden administration is following the same dubious policy of appeasement towards the Mullahs that Obama pursued. Yet, something more is really in play here.

China’s interest in using Iran as a partner in establishing Beijing’s control over the Middle East, thus filling the US vacuum is clear. Trump understood that in order to push back on the spread of Communist China in the Middle East, his administration had to put the screws on Iran. Biden has reversed this policy.

According to Israeli sources, “the Americans may want to believe that they will reach a better agreement in the future, but once they return to the original agreement they lose their leverage against Iran, which has no interest in changing the current agreement. This promise is a lie or naïve.”

Allowing the Iranians to raise enrichment up to 60% shows they have no interest in safeguarding Israel or the Sunni-Gulf states.

China’s need for cheap energy to keep its economy going means they need Iran. China’s economy is critical to produce inexpensive products for American citizens, ultimately making the Chinese Communist Party indispensable, even at the expense of America’s traditional US allies in the Middle East.

So once again, platitudes and friendly exchanges aside, the US is now actively engaging in the newest Final Solution for the Jewish people. It may be that Iran is the willing executioner, but it is the US under Biden who is truly pulling the strings.

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