Arab slaps Jewish student on Jerusalem train

by Leah Rosenberg

Arabs and Jews ride the Jerusalem train, or the light rail. Why should a Jew have to look over his shoulder to make sure he isn’t attacked?

Violence on Jerusalem Train

This is disgusting to watch, and this is a microcosm of the bigger issue. Jews are attacked in their homeland. Some might be “smaller” attacks, and some larger, but the truth is the same: They are unprovoked attacks. Jews go about their lives, wanting to live peacefully in Israel. You can see these Jewish students just sitting, minding their own business on the Jerusalem train. And then an Arab comes up out of nowhere and slaps one of the students across the face. That is part of the larger issue. Jews are happy to “ride the train” or do anything else side by side with Arabs. They treat the Arabs equally. And then, the Arabs attack. They don’t view the Jews as humans, despite the fact that Jews view Arabs as humans.

There are Arabs who take pleasure in doing things like this; just randomly slapping a Jew across the face. That is a culture that is antithetical to Jewish beliefs. Jews do not go out to harm people. Yes, sometimes people are killed when Jews defend themselves against their violent enemies. But Jews do not instigate. They do not go on killing sprees or attack those who are not like them.

If only the world saw the reality.

Dr. Risch

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