What popular celebrities feel about Shabbat may surprise you

by Leah Rosenberg

Shabbat is a holy time for the Jewish people. And what may surprise you is that even celebrities wait all week for it to come!

Shabbat is a Time to Reconnect

Shabbat is a truly special and unique time. It is a time to reconnect – not with social media, not with the outside world – but with yourself, your family, and G-d; with the things that are most important. It is prohibited to use cell phones, computers, and TVs. There are laws that G-d put in place to allow the Jews to maximize their holy time with Him.

And there are even celebrities who know how important Shabbat is. They also turn off their world of fame for 25 hours. Maybe you knew these celebrities were Jewish, or maybe you didn’t. But now you have learned something deep about them. You have learned some of what they value. These quotes are really powerful if you think about it. Some of these famous people you may not be able to imagine unplugging from the world. But they do. And that takes a lot of strength and dedication.

Shabbat is filled with joy. It is filled with food, family, fun, learning, and singing. It is filled with energy; the energy needed to make it through the next week.

It is truly a gift to be part of the Jewish nation and connect to G-d. If celebrities can disconnect from everything that distracts them, it is a lesson to all of us to try to do so as well.

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