Palestinian Arabs are tortured by their own leaders for selling land to Jews

by Phil Schneider

What would happen to a person in the United States if they chose to sell land to a Jewish person? Nothing. What would happen to a person in Russia if they sold land to a Jewish person. In nearly every neighborhood in the entire Western world, it is not dangerous for a Jew to purchase land. It may be a dangerous neighborhood, and their real estate investment may not be a wise choice. But, making the purchase would not be a dangerous transaction. Not so in one area of the world, the area that is dominated by the Palestinian Authority in ancient Judea and Samaria.

In Judea and Samaria, the dream to destroy the Jewish State is alive and well. It has existed long before there was any dispute over the lands of Judea and Samaria. Actually, even before the State of Israel existed, the Arabs who immigrated to the Land of Israel under the Turks and the British, were always filled with hopes to throw the Jews into the Mediterranean. There was no decade from 1900 and onward that was not filled with hundreds of attempts to squelch the Jewish resettlement of the indigenous lands of the Jewish people.

During World War II, the Mufti of Jerusalem was a close ally of Adolf Hitler and joined with the German attempt to take over the world and rid the world of the Jewish people. So much has happened and changed since then. But the essential dream of so many of the Arabs in the Middle East has not changed. They hope to change the world to one where no Jews are living in the Land of Israel. There is no other logical explanation for the seemingly absurd way that any Arab who even broaches the idea of selling land to a Jew is treated.

Ont he flip side, there is a growing number of Arabs who live in the State of Israel who are voting for Zionist parties. They want to live in Israel because they understand well that their alternatives outside of Israel are horrible. In Syria, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killing each other in a Civil War that has lasted for almost a decade. Jordan always seems like a peaceful option, but it is actually a very unstable dictatorship that may change at any time. Egypt is struggling financially, but is actually going in the right direction. Only in Israel, can an Arab receive top of the line medical care from Jewish and Arab doctors who work hand in hand to treat everyone equally. So there you have it. If an Arab would try to sell land to a Jewish doctor, they may be tortured for that by fellow Arabs. But if an Arab, any Arab is ill, they can walk right in to any Israeli hospital, and receive top of the line treatment that is paid for by the Israeli government.

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