Former Obama official politicizes racism with calls to cancel Tucker Carlson

by Phil Schneider

The ADL has come out in favor of cancelling Tucker Carlson. This is yet another absurd outgrowth of the stylish norm that the radical left has adopted. This norm of “cancelling” is an anti-freedom movement that must be fought. The ideals of freedom in the United States are under direct attack from one side – the radical left. And the radical left has become more and more mainstream with every passing day.

The ideals of freedom of speech have often been debated – and for good reason. Should a person be able to get up and spew hatred in front of masses of people? Isn’t that dangerous. Well, yes it is. But it is even more dangerous to not allow that person to spew that hatred at all. Let’s analyze this.

If a person who is not known by many starts using his powers of persuasion to try to rile up crowds and convince the masses that a potential congressman is corrupt, is that a good thing? If the potential congressman is indeed corrupt, perhaps it is a good thing. But what if the potential congressman is an upstanding citizen and the man screaming is spewing lies, then we have a problem. If we say that he ought to be shut up, that may seem like a quick, simple, and effective solution. But, the problem is that we never truly know if the accusations are correct or not. So, it is better for the accusations to fly around and be dealt with in the court of public opinion than to have whatever side has more power shutting down the free speech of the other side.

The principle of free speech should be nearly absolute. Anything but a perfectly clear call for violence ought to be within the rights of freedom of speech. Anything that tries to negate these freedoms should be viewed as a totalitarian attempt to stifle our freedoms. That is what the radical left is trying to do. This needs to be fought – with speech. The more freedom, the better the world.

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