Man intentionally backs his van into crowd of Jews in Brooklyn…twice

by Leah Rosenberg

There are many Jews in Brooklyn. And sadly, many antisemitic attacks have taken place throughout that area. Now this one needs to be added.

Jews in Brooklyn Get Attacked

You can see from the video that a crowd of Jews in Brooklyn, specifically the neighborhood of Williamsburg, were just minding their own business when a van with no license plate backed up into them. And then when more Jews came over to help, the vile man did it again before speeding off.

It is actually sickening to watch something like this. It is shocking how people can be so evil. And it is terrifying that Jewish people living in Brooklyn (and other places) need to look over their shoulders to make sure no one’s going to attack them. The number of antisemitic attacks keeps growing and growing, and it makes you wonder when it will end.

It’s 2021. Antisemitism is on the rise. Not enough people in the world seem to care about Jewish life, and it’s very, very sad. It is a Jewish value to care about life – all life. And the world is sadly not reciprocating the respect.

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