2,700 year old Davidic dynasty capitals uncovered in perfect condition

by Leah Rosenberg

When we say Davidic dynasty, we are talking about First Temple times here! The Judean kings! What an unreal and mind-blowing discovery.

Symbol of Davidic Dynasty

Amazing. The fact that the symbol associated with the Davidic dyansty, which is also found on the five shekel coin in Israel, has been uncovered on various artifacts is surreal. And now on these capitals, which were found in perfect condition? It just keeps getting better.

What kind of response do the Israel-haters have to these findings? To those who deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and Israel: How can you possibly refute these archaeological discoveries?

It is truly shocking that there are still those who try to deny Jewish history and the truth about the land of Israel. It is irrational. Sometimes, it is hard to accept the truth without proof. But in this case, there is an abundance of evidence.

Everything Connects

This discovery is not an isolated discovery. It is not a separate story. It is part of the Jewish story – part of Jewish history. The archaeology matches up with the Bible. If you really think about all of it, it should leave you in awe.

What history do the “Palestinians” try to point to in order to convince the world that the Jews stole the land? Nothing. They make empty claims. Their mosque was built ON TOP of Jewish history. The “Palestinians” have even tried to destroy Jewish archaeology. Because the truth just does not match up with their false narrative.

Big tech Hypocrisy
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