UNHRC refuses to expel convicted murderer and rapist from the council

by Phil Schneider

How will the UN ever become an honest judge and serve as a force for good when it’s own councils are filled with convicts? Is that an exaggeration? Unfortunately not. The UN should serve as the moral conscious of the world. Instead, it has served as a laughing stock when it’s representatives speak about morals.

The UN is an excellent idea that has not materialized. It should really be the international body that is filled with Nobel Prize winners that are viewed as international forces for the advancement of positive morals in the world. A UN peacekeeping force is indeed a wonderful idea – but only if it truly increases the peace. What is lacking today in the UN are lofty people at the helm of the organization. The idea of all of the nations of the world joining together to work out issues is wonderful. But it cannot sweep horrible moral issues under the table and make believe that it stands for lofty morals.

The world has conflagrations in nearly every continent from time to time. If there was an international body with international forces that had tremendous resources at it’s disposal and the top negotiators in the world in it’s staff to work out issues, many mini-wars would fizzle out instead of grow and spread. The UN will never be able to stop all warfare and aggression. But it can serve as a worldwide calming force. This will happen when a world leader of tremendous moral authority becomes the head of the UN and begins the changes that need to be implemented there.

Dr. Risch

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