CNN belittled human life on live TV

by Leah Rosenberg

How can the mob violence in America stop when CNN and the mainstream media support it? And even politicians refuse to condemn it!

CNN – Take a Stand Against Violence

This is not a game. This is real life. There are people getting hurt. There are businesses being damaged. But CNN will not condemn the mob violence. They will not condemn Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The mainstream media encourages them. Politicians are standing side by side with violent rioters.

Why do they refuse to take a stand against violence? Politics should be put aside. Human life should be the focus. Is BLM helping human life or hurting it? It really should be an obvious answer. Are these rioters making America safer, more free, and better? There is only one right answer. Some things are black and white, and this is one of those things. Mob violence is bad, protecting human life is good. It really is that simple.

Peaceful Protests

Whether you agree or disagree with what people want to protest about, they are allowed to protest – as long as it is peaceful. You may not like that people are spreading lies about America and stomping on freedom, but if they are doing it peacefully, they have that right.

But the second that violence is used in protests, that right is taken away. The second that innocent people are being injured and killed, that property is being vandalized, and that policemen are being harassed, the protests become illegal. When people act lawlessly, they must receive consequences.

And yet, BLM and Antifa have abused their right to protest. The fact that mayors, governors, and senators are encouraging these lawless people instead of trying to stop them is outrageous.

Let’s all wake up to what real justice is, because violent protesting is most definitely not it.

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