Portland Antifa/BLM Anarchists Almost Kill an Innocent Man

by Avi Abelow

What you just witnessed is a sign of the absolute lawlessness in Portland, Oregon. Antifa and black lives matter thugs are in charge of the streets in Portland. Here they pulled a guy out of his car and forced him to sit down in the middle of the street while they then bully him and beat him up. They were first beating up his girlfriend! (Show footage of throwing his girlfriend to the ground)

But this lawlessness is much worse than that. Look at what one of the antifa/black lives matter anarchists did to him.

He kicked the guy in the head and knocked him unconscious. The guy almost looks dead. 

But where are the police? Nowhere to be found.

This is what the Democratic leadership is supporting! They say antifa violence is a myth, and they have been either silent or vocal supporters of the defund the police movement!

Well, this is what you get when law enforcement and elected officials let the mob rule. Lawlessness and mayhem. And who pays the price, all of society!

I certainly wish most Democrats either vote for Trump or stay home on Election Day in November to stop the destructive Democratic Party from returning to the White House. Because if they return to the White House they will empower this continuous anarchy on the streets of US cities, making life dangerous for all.

The left is dangerous, and we here in Israel are well aware of the danger our local left poses for us as well.

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