After UAE Deal Hamas Sends More Rockets at Israel

by Micha Gefen

As Hamas steps up its attacks on both through incendiary balloons and rockets, the chances of war increase by the day.

While the balloon attacks had been growing steady, Hamas has now decided to send rockets after the UAE and Israel announced a burgeoning peace deal. Hamas, an agent of Iran has no reason to stop at this point, but rather kick off the coming chaos a bit early.

Iran now must gather its allies and push hard against the region in hopes of scaring potential peace partners from among the Gulf States against signing any deal with Israel.

The more deals that are signed, the more the region will become solidified against Iranian aggression. This is what Iran fears. Hamas’ attacks now are not just on Israel, but are an opening salvo of a new war, against the coalition that is forming between the Sunni Gulf States and Israel.

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