As antisemitism rages in America, one organization is doing everything to stop it

by Phil Schneider

Anti-Semitism is a built-in part of the history of the world. It is not a new phenomenon or in any way something that we need to wrack our brains in order to understand. Plain and simple, since the very beginning of time, the Jewish people have had many enemies, of all forms, and for all reasons. The main issue to explore is the present form of anti-semitism in order to combat it. It must be labeled, and brought out into daylight in order to display the hatred to all so we can be well aware of the reality of the world.

Is the key to fighting anti-semitism building new organizations to combat it? Well, it depends on the organization and their focus. First of all, one thing needs to be clear. The epicenter of anti-semitism in the world revolves around hatred and resentment of the State of Israel. This is felt more among the Muslim population than nearly anywhere else. But the tentacles of this hatred have spread deep and wide within nearly the entire progressive movement of the west. There are very few progressives who have a world view that applauds the State of Israel. This is the new normal. There are even Jewish people like Bernie Sanders who are absolute Jew-haters. What is a Jew-hater? A person who blames the Jew when a Jew is attacked. It is indeed that simple. The State of Israel has endured endless attacks against it. Today’s anti-Semites never have anything positive to say about the State of Israel unless Jewish blood spills. Then, they have positive eulogies to exclaim.

There is only one entity that is truly at the forefront of fighting anti-semitism today – that is the State of Israel. Any organization that helps strengthen Israel in it’s fight and it’s image abroad is helping combat anti-semitism. Any that is not is not part of the solution. Adam Milstein and his foundation are indeed on the forefront of this fight. They get it. But, very few others – especially in the diaspora understand the crux of the battle.

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