Must-see interview with UAE Federal National Council member on peace agreement

by Leah Rosenberg

This peace agreement is not just about Israel and the UAE. This is about the entire Middle East and really the entire world.

Peace Agreements Based on Peace

This peace agreement that was just made between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is unique. So many times, Israeli leaders have made concessions and given up land in order to attain peace. Not only does the idea of “land for peace” not work, but it also weakens Israel. Additionally, no part of G-d’s land should be given up. As Netanyahu said about the agreement, this is just about peace for the sake of peace.

For the Middle East and the World

Dr. Ali Al-Noaimi really gave hope for a future of peace. He says right away that this peace agreement does not only benefit Israel and the UAE, and it does not even only benefit the entire Middle East. It really benefits the whole world. The world can and should be a place of peace. It should be a place where all people give and receive respect. There are enough “natural” disasters in the world. There is enough illness. We don’t need war and hate also.

Dr. Al-Noaimi made an important point. He brought up the idea about not being hostages to the past. The Arab world needs to hear that. The “Palestinians” need to hear that. There is so much that can improve in the lives of the Arabs if they just give up a narrative that is false.

Peace in the whole region will benefit everyone.

Hopefully, more countries will follow in the ways of the UAE. It’s well worth it.

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