Black woman silences White Liberal with one blaring fact

by Leah Rosenberg

What could this White Liberal possibly say to this Black woman after she gave this rant? She exposed one of the biggest problems with Black Lives Matter.

Black Woman Crushes White Liberal

This is just priceless. Is this White Liberal really going to claim that he cares about Black lives when this Black woman just proved he doesn’t? She got down to the bottom of it, the real problem with Black Lives Matter. And she did not hold back at all.

Black Lives Matter is destroying the Black family. They are tearing apart society and Blacks by trying to bring down Black men. This woman even says that the Black community needs these men! They need their family structure. If BLM really cares about Black lives, their organization would not do the things they do and say the things they say.

But let’s be honest. They are a Marxist, anti-American organization, and they don’t care about Black lives. In fact, they seem not to care about any lives.

Will CNN & MSNBC Show You This?

No. Sadly they won’t. They won’t show you the other side. They won’t show you that not all Blacks support Black Lives Matter. The mainstream media won’t tell you that some Blacks support President Trump and don’t believe in what the Democrats are doing. If they showed you that, it would destroy their false narrative.

And once their false narrative is destroyed, they have nothing left to do. They have nothing left to share with the world.

There are many, many people like this woman. There are many people who know the truth and share it with whoever will listen. Maybe the mainstream media should start sharing these voices more. Maybe they should start sharing the other side of the story. And maybe they should start sharing the truth.

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