CHAOS 2020: Trump Contracts Coronavirus

by Micha Gefen

Well, this was not the October Surprise we expected. President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus.


What this does to the 2020 race is anyone’s guess let alone the USA and the world. The stock market has already trended lower with FIX rising as well as gold, which essentially means that Wall Street sees more and more chaos.

The next debate may be cancelled and President Trump will essentially be in quarantine for the next 14 days – meaning no active campaign events. This of course is if remains asymptomatic.

If he doesn’t?

With 30 days left until the election, the country would be thrown into even more uncertaintly than ever before. With a Supreme Court nomination fight that is expected to sow even more division than before and active cheating from the Democrats now being reported in many battleground states, election results may take months to sort out.

If the President starts suffering a health decline while this is going, VP Pence would have to step in during the most chaotic post election period since 1876.

So can anything else go wrong in 2020?

With Jewish holiday of Sukkot upon us, the world appears to be headed for an even more intense period than ever before. The Jewish New Year of 5781 has just past and the chaos only appears to be increasing by the day.

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